Red Karawana

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A Worldwide Journey Across Cultures, Flavors and Art


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Exquisite Russian doll dressed in a fashionable costume; Russian Doll, Russia
Beautiful holiday decorations with gold glitter; Red Christmas Balls, Poland
Decorative glassware and colorful ceramic; Glass & Ceramic, Czech Republic
Wooden carved craft with colorful glass mosaic; Dodo Décor, Mauritius
Wooden sculptures decorated with bright colors and pretty motifs; Dodo, Mauritius
Handcrafted clay figurines decorated with old Russian folk themes, Clay Figurines, Russia
Hand-carved orange wooden box with imaginative folklore motif, Jewelry Box, Poland
Artisanal glassware with flower pattern and golden accents, Handmade Glass, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Handmade perfume bottles in colorful glass with white patterns, Perfume Bottles, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Artistic craft, intricate design and complimentary colors, Decorative Bowls, Vietnam
Glazed green ceramics based on folk traditions, Ceramic Casserole & Herbs Grinder, Poland
Yellow ceramic platter and four multi-colored plates, Glazed Ceramic Platter and Plates, Poland
Handcrafted high quality European ceramics, Red Ceramic Bottle & Brown Herbs Grinder, Poland
Hand made wool socks with flower decoration provide warmth and comfort, Orange and Yellow Wool Socks, Lithuania
Hand painted holiday decorations with red and gold flower motif, Orange Christmas Ball Ornaments, Poland
Hand-painted blue ceramic baking platter with flower design, Ceramic Baking Platter, Poland
Artisan pottery, European style and refined craftsmanship, Four Red and Orange Ceramic Bowls, Poland