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Gruyere Cheese

Garlic, Parsley


Roasted Vegetables


Vegetable Bouillon – 4 cups

Garlic – 9 cloves

Gruyere Cheese – freshly grated

Bread – few slices

Olive Oil – 1 tablespoon

Sea Salt – 1 ½ teaspoon

Freshly Ground Black Pepper – to taste

Parsley – few springs

Vegetable Bouillon

Carrots – 2 medium size

Parsnips – 2 medium size

Onion – 1 medium

Olive Oil – 1 tablespoon

Dry Bay Leaves – 3 leaves

Allspice – 3 pieces

Water – 6 cups

Garlic Soup – The cuisines of Eastern Europe are unique and at times similar to their neighbors.  The Slovak cuisine is a mixture of country cooking and culinary influences from Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.  Slovakia’s fertile lowland and valleys produce the country’s staple foods, such as potatoes, wheat and a cheese called Bryndza.  While visiting Slovakia, we sample an assortment of delicious dumplings, roasted meats, colorful salads and appetizing soups.  One of our favorite soups is the garlic soup, perfumed, nutritious and tasty.  In the mountainous regions of Slovakia and Poland, the garlic soup is often made with chicken bouillon, potatoes, eggs or some cream.  Our Garlic Soup recipe uses vegetable bouillon, fresh garlic, croutons, grated cheese and parsley.  The vegetable bouillon is made with roasted parsnip, carrots, onion and spices.  The main ingredient is fresh garlic, the fragrant herb native to Asia that for thousands of years enhanced global cuisines.  The garlic’s pungent flavor, nutritional value and unmistakable fragrance make it an irreplaceable condiment.  Our Garlic Soup is sweet-scented and palatable, a perfect first course for dinner.

Vegetable Bouillion

Croutons, Chopped Parsley

Garlic Soup with Croutons, Cheese, Parsley

Garlic Soup

Preparation Method

Step 1 – In the baking dish, roast the vegetables in olive oil for an hour.  Merge the water, roasted vegetables, bay leaves and allspice in the pot, and cook on the medium heat for an hour to make the bouillon.  

Step 2 – Lightly sauté the minced garlic with olive oil for one minute.  Combine the bouillon with sautéed garlic and cook on medium heat for half an hour. 

Step 3 – Cut the bread into cubes and toast in the oven until lightly golden.  Shred the Gruyere cheese and chop finely the parsley.

Step 4 – Pour the garlic soup into bowls and serve with croutons, cheese and parsley on top or on the side.

Step 5 – Enjoy our flavorsome garlic soup!

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