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Krasnoe Zoloto Salmon Roe, USA

Russian Style Red Caviar, USA

Captain’s Salmon Roe, USA

Russian Traditional Style Salmon Caviar, USA


Krasnoe Zoloto Salmon Roe (Red Caviar) – 200 grams jar

Russian Style Red Caviar (Salmon Roe) – 100 grams jar

Captain’s Salmon Roe (Red Caviar) – 180 grams jar

Russian Traditional Style Salmon Caviar (Salmon Roe) – 200 grams jar

Sour Cream – 3 tablespoons

French Country Style Baguette

Fresh Dill

Salmon Caviar (Red Caviar) – Wild Atlantic and Pacific Salmon is an important food source in many countries.  The main varieties of Pacific Salmon are King, Sockeye, Coho, Pink and Chum.  The wild salmon is highly nutritious and contains healthy fats.  Salmon Caviar (Eggs), known as Red Caviar, is a valued ingredient in the Japanese, European and Russian cuisine.  In Russia, the Salmon Caviar became popular over 100 years ago as the classic sturgeon caviar was too expensive.  The wild Pacific Salmon from Alaska supplies the highest quality fish and roe.  In Seattle, the Awers Company specializes in the production (USA origin) and distribution of Russian style salmon caviar in the USA.  Our Red Caviar tasting serves a selection of Awers’ high quality products that delight the senses.  The Krasnoe Zoloto Salmon Roe is a Coho salmon roe with distinct dark red eggs.  The Russian Style Red Caviar is a Chum salmon roe, defined by its orange color and lightly salted roe.  The Captain’s Salmon Roe contains flavorful small red eggs from the Sockeye Salmon.  The Russian Traditional Style Salmon Caviar container has Pink salmon roe with the medium size eggs.  In Russia, thin pancakes called bliny, are covered with the Red Caviar and a touch of sour cream for extra flavor.  We serve our hors d’oeuvre of Red Caviar on thinly sliced and lightly toasted French style country baguette.  Our Red Caviar tasting reveals the subtle differences in salmon roe’s colors, textures and flavors.  Our featured Red Caviar selection may be purchased at Awers’ online store or at its Bellevue store in Washington State.

Sour Cream, Chopped Dill

Sliced Bread

Red Caviar on Bread

Red Caviar Tasting

Preparation Method

Step 1 – Slice fresh bread into thin pieces and lightly toast it in the oven.      

Step 2 – Place the sour cream in separate container.  Finely chop the fresh dill and place it in a separate container.     

Step 3 – Prepare the Red Caviar tasting by placing each type of salmon roe on individual pieces of bread. 

Step 4 – Add sour cream for extra flavor and sprinkle with chopped dill.

Step 5 – Enjoy a salmon roe feast!

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