Red Karawana

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A Worldwide Journey Across Cultures, Flavors and Art


Asia & South Pacific


Poland, Quince CookiesCrumbly cookies with fruit filling; Quince Cookies, Poland
Poland, Boletus SoupEarthy flavor, creamy, delicious soup; Boletus Soup, Poland
Poland, Cucumber SoupSour-flavored vegetable soup; Cucumber Soup, Poland
Latvia, Pelēkie ZirņiGrey peas in cream sauce with bacon and onions; Pelēkie Zirņi, Latvia
France, French ToastTender brioche with pure maple syrup; French Toast, France
England, SconesEnglish style buttery and crumbly pastry; Scones, England
France, Bouillabaisse & RouilleSeafood soup of the Mediterranean; Bouillabaisse, France
France, Escargots in PastrySnails with chestnuts and shallot-infused butter; Escargots in Pastry, France
Italy, Truffle RavioliItalian dumplings with truffles and ricotta; Truffle Ravioli, Italy
France, Frog Legs in a Lemon-Herb SauceTender frog meat in a lemon-herb sauce; Frog Legs, France
Slovakia, Slivkové KnedlePotato-based plum dumplings; Slivkové Knedle, Slovakia
Germany, Bavaria, Kaiserschmarrn with Pomegranate CompoteFluffy pancake with a pomegranate compote; Kaiserschmarrn, Bavaria
France, Bûche de NoëlChristmas log with a delicious fruit filling; Bûche de Noël, France
Austria, Salzburger SchnitzelEscalloped port cutlets stuffed with cheese and mushrooms; Salzburger Schnitzel, Austria
Russia, VinegretRussian classic vegetable salad; Vinegret, Russia
Czech Republic, PerníčkyEuropean gingerbread cookies with frosting; Perníčky, Czech Republic
Greece, Santorini SaladSweet tomatoes, creamy cheese and wild herb; Santorini Salad, Greece
Eggplant DipEggplant puree with herbs, nuts, fruit; Eggplant Dip, Greece
Fuži Pasta with Truffle SauceIstrian fresh pasta with aromatic truffle sauce; Fuži & Truffles, Slovenia
FondueClassic Swiss cheeses melted with dry white wine; Fondue, Switzerland
CassouletFrench style casserole with beans, duck, sausage and herbs; Cassoulet, France
Morel TartineOpen sandwich with wild mushrooms, chives and butter; Morel Tartine, France
Trio of SaladsColorful bouquet of beets, cabbage and carrot salads; Trio of Salads, Poland
Rye BreadDark brown rye bread baked with healthy seeds and grains; Rye Bread, Estonia
PyzyDelectable potato dumplings filled with smoked sausage and onions; Pyzy, Poland
Baltic Herring in OilSalted fish marinated with sweet onion in olive oil; Baltic Herring in Oil, Poland
Kibinai with MushroomsBaked pastries filled with wild forest mushrooms; Kibinai & Mushrooms, Lithuania
Cranberry KisielFruit dessert with tangy cranberries; Cranberry Kisiel, Lithuania
KapuśniakSharp-flavored sauerkraut soup with smoky meat and tender potatoes; Kapuśniak, Poland
Blueberry PierogiDumplings stuffed with wild blueberries and served with a succulent sauce; Blueberry Pierogi, Poland
Garlic SoupPerfumed vegetables, succulent bouillon and tasty cheese; Garlic Soup, Slovakia
Red Caviar TastingExquisite flavors, delicate textures and distinctive colors; Red Caviar Tasting, Russia
Belgian Endive SaladDelicate lettuce hearts, fresh forest nuts, blue cheese served with classic French sauce; Belgian Endive Salad, France
Breton Lobster with Herb ButterA bouquet of fresh herbs and lobster's natural sweetness; Breton Lobster, France
Clafoutis aux CerisesThe fluffy custard, sour cherries and sprinkle of powdered sugar; Clafoutis aux Cerises, France

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